Image by Spacejoy



31 JANUARY 2022


Choosing the aesthetic for your home can be a challenge, especially when you have different taste to the other members of your family, that's why transitional interior design has consistently kept its popularity over time. It combines contemporary and classic elements, exhibits a neutral colour palette while showcasing bold colours and combines a range of different textiles and furnishings that promote comfort and luxury at the same time. In theory it sounds messy and undecided but in reality it marries all of the above seamlessly. This style can be curated to suit your sensibility as it allows you to merge antique, sentimental pieces with a fresh, modern approach, creating a dynamic and timeless interior.


Each element of transitional design is about layering, and your colour palette is a great place to get started. Transitional design promotes light, neutral colours as a base layer, such as white, cream, tan or grey, this will give the space a calming and tranquil effect. From there you can add darker, bold, feature colours to add depth, including rich brown, deep green, midnight blue or charcoal black, this way you will start to build up personality in the home with a moody and striking atmosphere.


One of the key components of this style is to pair intricate, antique pieces with sleek, modern lines. Apply the same concept of layering with this facet of the design. Modern sectionals or modular sofas can promote a soft, feminine feel, especially when opting for a lighter colour, which is also a good idea when choosing larger pieces. Adding masculine touches will create diversity and intrigue within your room, think metallic hardware, black accents and dark wood. Include an eye catching piece of antique furniture as the rooms showpiece, this way you can show your personality while having a focal point and an overall flow.


Continue to build up your design with different textiles and interesting fabrics, you can add contrasting materials as it is synonymous with the rest of the design aspects. Include linens, suede and rattan furniture to create a cosy and calming feel, paired back with metallics, steel, leather, glass and wood to make elements of your home pop. Don't be afraid to create feature walls with wooden panelling, bookshelves, wallpaper or even a fabric or textured wall finish.


Think of styling as adding your finishing touches, use this as an opportunity to tell your story and display your interests. Include interesting lamps or pendant lights, you can choose a mixture of modern, metallic fixtures and well as traditional chandelier statement pieces. Add candles, flowers, even crystals and sculptures, and stack coffee table books throughout. Add some abstract art with intricate frames for something modern and don't forget to include your favourite rugs, cushions, throws, trays and mirrors. Happy styling!