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spring it in

28 september 2020

meet Phuong

Meet Phuong from Twig by Twig, she knows flowers and is here to keep us up to date with the latest trends in all things blooming. From fragrant florals to petals with a punch, bring the outside in with her top picks this spring and add that finishing touch to your home.

what does twig by twig mean to you

Twig by Twig has a strong love for all botanicals and nature. Our main focus is to craft bespoke floral designs and unique botanical art for weddings and tailored events. For us, Twig by Twig means to create something from scratch, this parallels with our philosophy to craft elegant floral creations that live in harmonious balance with Mother Nature.

the best blossoms to bring in spring 

At the moment, Ranunculus are coming in strong and are available in a wide range of beautiful sorbet colours such as apricot, soft/dark pinks, yellow and white. Blushing Brides are the ones that always turns heads! They come in white which are a perfect choice for weddings but they also come in a candy stripe pink colour too. If you are into dried flowers, this is the one to have and experiment with! They are from the Protea family and are truly unique blooms. Hellebores are quite gorgeous and underrated flowers. They remind us of cottage garden flowers and they come in green, purple and magenta - really lovely flowers. Finally we have the Proteas! They are truly magnificent flowers especially the King and Venus varieties. They have a long vase life and can handle our Queensland climate. These are great ones to dry out as well. 

top picks for a fragrant home

Lily of the Valley is only available for only three weeks generally in September so you’ll have to get your hands on them real quick! Their life is so fleeting but they are absolutely worth having and look so cute with their several tiny white bell flowers on each stem. They have a very fresh and soft sweet fragrance. Freesias are the most reliable fragrant flowers because they are most available and easy to find with a fresh scent with a hint of lemon and honey! They come in a range of colours such as white, yellow, magenta, lilac and purple. Tuber Roses smell divine! They are unique in scent and in floral form. Tuber Roses are worth it as they have a delicate and sweet musk scent that is truly memorable. We’d love to have that in a perfume bottle thanks! Lastly, Sweet Peas! They are gorgeous and dainty flowers with a subtle sweet scent. These are beautiful on their own! 

show stopping varieties to swoon over

Blushing Bride in Candy Stripe colour; we love these flowers! They are breathtaking and striking flowers especially when they fully bloom. When they are in full bloom, they reveal a beautiful soft fuzzy centre and its truly something you need to see for yourself. Frilly Tulips and Cherry Blossoms; these blooms really do turn heads and are unique! You can display them on their own and it’ll be enough. Be sure to keep a look out for them at your local florist or at the flower markets.

For best results

When Prepping Flowers; ensure you strip any leaves off that sit below the water line of the vase. Leaves contain bacteria and fungi which will quickly foul the water over time. This will not help your flowers live their best life! Remember to also cut the stems of your flowers approximately 1-2 cm off on a 45 degree angle. This ensures there’s a larger surface area where it can absorb water. When displaying your flowers; ensure you have your flowers in a cool, shady place away from any draughts, direct heat or sunlight and to maintain your flowers; change the water and re-cut the stems (1-2cm off) on a 45 degree angle every couple of days. Fresh water is best because you are replacing any bacteria build up that has been sitting in the water. The reason why you need to cut the stems is because it allows the cells to open up again to absorb more fresh water effectively. To learn more about Phuong's flower adventures, follow twig_by_twig on Instagram.