31 March 2020

Not as easy as it looks

Mopping seems like an easy task, right? Until you've finished mopping and your floors seem to look worse than before. With years of experience in cleaning all kinds of beautiful homes, we are here to give you the dirty details about your floors and how to get that streak-free finish.


Proof over price 

Remember, expensive is not always best. You can buy the most in fashion, state-of-the-art mop but it may not be right for your floors.

Hardwood floors

If you have original hardwood floors that are quite durable, worn or have a matte finish, a traditional wring mop and bucket can be suitable for your floors. Wring mops tend to carry more water and you are able to rinse the mop as often as needed, so this can be the best fit if your floors are subject to frequent spills. Find a wring mop with a detachable head, this way you can put the mop head in the wash once you have finished. Buy multiple heads to change between indoor and outdoor flooring and make sure the string on the mop head isn't too long for easier cleaning.

Wooden floors

If you have new wooden floors, flooring that is wood-alternative, bamboo or have a shiny finish, these floors are best cleaned with a minimum amount of liquid as too much water can cause damage. The most suitable mops for these types of flooring are spray mops. In this case the cheapest is not the best. Invest in a spray mop that won't leak from the bottle and has good grip to keep the pads on tightly. Buy multiple pads to change throughout the clean to keep your floors fresh.

high gloss tiles

You know those white, high gloss tiles that show absolutely everything and are impossible to clean. Well, you can thank us later because we have the answer. The Vileda SuperMocio 3Action Mop is what you need. Does it look like someone cut up a Chux and put it on the end of a stick? Yes. But trust us, it is a match made in heaven for these floors. It's inexpensive and available almost everywhere. Please remember, it is very important to have the bucket that comes with this mop, otherwise it will not have the same effect on your floors. Wring mop buckets will damage this mop.

Concrete floors

Ladies and gentlemen, we have left the best mop for last. We'll just go ahead and say it; you can probably use this mop anywhere or anytime because once you have one, your life will be complete. This is our top recommendation/ worlds best mop. The Sabco Rinse N Wring Complete Flat Mop Set... You're welcome.

For best results

We recommend using a very small amount of the multi purpose concentrate from the ecostore range in a bucket full of hot water. Other generic floor cleaning products can leave your floors sticky and covered in a layer of film.  Remember to change the water if needed and always mop in the direction of your floor boards. Most of our recommendations and best cleaning tools can be found at Bunnings Warehouse.