the simple life

1 May 2020

Isolation revelation 

Having too many personal possessions and clutter in your home or office isn’t good for your mental wellbeing. It can make you feel heavy, distracted or unable to concentrate. We find that the easiest way to stay focussed, keep calm and be productive is to have a clear environment. With many of us being home more often than ever, now is a good time to get on top of all those jobs we never had time for. 


Just start somewhere

Try not to look at your home as a whole or overhaul your house all at once. It will become overwhelming, usually ending up messier than before and will be more likely that you will give up half way through to never return. Set yourself small goals and take it step by step. Choose one task per day, even if it’s one drawer or cupboard at a time. Small progress is good progress.


One step at a time

When organising your closet, take everything out and put it into a pile. Wipe out your shelves and drawers so that you can have a fresh start. From the items you have, make three piles; one to keep, one for charity and one for the bin. Only ever throw out clothes that are unrepairable, someone else will get great use out of your clothes that are still in good condition. 


Be realistic

If you have clothes that you haven’t worn for a few months or even years, the reality is that you probably won’t start wearing them again. Try not to get too sentimental, unless a piece has a very special memory for you. Be tough with yourself, if you have clothes that don’t fit you, get rid of it. Our bodies are constantly changing, don’t keep old jeans that you plan to squeeze into. Good vibes only!


The new you

Once you know what you are keeping, hang up your dresses, jeans, jackets and more delicate items. Fold the rest, keeping everything in categories. T-shirts, pyjamas, clothes for home, jumpers, underwear, etcetera, each in their own pile or drawer. Once everything has a place it will be easy for you to stay organised and keep this habit in the future.


Keep it moving

Once you finish one space, keep it going. Apply these same steps to each part of your home. Kitchen drawers, appliance cupboards, that junky top drawer that everyone seems to have in their bedside table. It’s a good way to feel accomplished at a time when we aren’t achieving the goals that we had planned. It will also make returning to work a lot easier. You will feel lighter, more organised and ready to kick those goals!