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27 July 2020

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Originating in the United States, mid-century modern is a post war design movement dating back to 1945 and retaining it's popularity until the early 1980's. Featuring simple design and clean lines, this modern design aesthetic is inspired by nature while adopting an honest use of materials that provide functionality for the home. In our 2020 state of mind, it is no wonder that this approach to architecture and interior design simply won't go out of fashion. We look at the key aspects to best showcase MCM interior design in your space.


There are many different mid-century modern looks when choosing dining room furniture. One famously featuring dark wooden furnishings such as oak or walnut. This includes dining room tables with rounded edges and peg legs. A good accompaniment is the wishbone chair, originally created by the undisputed master of Danish design, Hans Wegner, in 1949 and continuing to be a best seller 71 years later. Another notable example of Danish furniture design is the 78 chair, pair it with your dining table for a truly elegant and simple vintage look. A more modern and kitsch approach is the multiple award winning tulip chair. Featuring a single-form and single-material construction, this design was made to challenge the traditional four legged chair. Designed primarily to compliment it's sleek counterpart, the matching dining table, get the full set for a 1960's futuristic touch.


To take centre stage in your living room, choose a tufted three seater sofa. This is a good opportunity to make a statement, embrace high quality materials such as velvet or leather and select a vibrant colour to make it pop. Our top pick for comfortable chairs for the living room; it's no surprise that Hans Wegner comes in again at number one with the old man chair. Don't be offended, he himself named it "Papa Bear" explaining that once you have experienced it, you will never want to stand up again. It's no wonder that Dad's all over the world fall asleep under their newspaper or in front of the TV.


Feature lighting is a simple and easy way to give your home a noticeable quality that will set it apart from the rest.

Drop-down pendants are the perfect accessory to feature over a reading chair. Choose two of the same pendants in different sizes and position them next to one another at different heights to make point of difference. Choose a 

contemporary chandelier to fit over your dining room table by mimicking its shape. If your table is round, select a circular fitting, or a horizontal drop down light can be a great compliment to a rectangular table. The glass ball is the perfect light for the bedroom, mount it on the wall slightly above each side of the bed to free up your bedside table and continue the MCM magic throughout the house.


Keep it colourful with vintage marketing posters, it can feature anything, from alcohol, cars, travel destinations or even pasta. Whatever you're into, make it stand out! On the other hand, black and white fashion photography is a good contrast to have. You can count on Helmut Newton to take you back in time to the beautiful people of the 1950's. Large abstract pieces are another good addition to your living room, make sure it's bright in order to be eye-catching, this way you can pair it back with your sofa and give your guests something to gaze at.


Don't be afraid of wallpaper! Pick out a geometric or patterned print, earth tones and neutral colour palettes will serve you well. It's important to not go overboard, choose a wall with some significance, for example the wall behind the bed, a feature wall in an office space or even a small powder room. You don't have to choose the same pattern for each room, just make sure they are complimentary to one another. There is nothing more boring than a house full of white walls!

for best results 

Look at your favourite interior designs stores to get an idea of what you like and take pictures of all your desired pieces. Make some kind of mood board to ensure your vision is cohesive. It's good to have an array of contrasting elements while maintaining a common theme and complimentary colour scheme. Accessorise with the use of books, plants, rugs and ornaments. Don't forget, less is more, select fewer quality items that you will cherish over time to avoid clutter, after all it is the mid-century modern mantra! 


Check out our Pinterest to see our full mood board.