Image by Toa Heftiba


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17 November 2020

colour me happy

Having a home is about more than just a place to rest your head at night, it's about being able to express yourself and showcase your personality through interior design. With a multitude of talented people living in our own backyard and the need to support local business more prominent than ever, we share five Australian based artists that we are crushing on at the moment. Add colour to your walls, brighten up your space and take your interiors to the next level while supporting our local talent. 

1. Julie Whitehead

Brisbane based artist Julie Whitehead offers an array of larger than life floral artwork that will bring the outside in. Created with oil and acrylic on canvas, these hyper-realistic paintings are delicate and feminine while also offering a bold statement to any room. Featuring lifelike shadows and depth, you can marvel at the beauty of nature and stop and smell the roses with Julie's intricately detailed pieces.

2. rikki day

The pieces made by this Australian artist sport minimalistic and simple design through continuous line art, created with thick and roughly cut deckle edge paper and finished in beautiful Tasmanian Oak wood frames. These compositions are often done with smooth black or royal blue lines, effortlessly uplifting any space. These original paintings will give an organic and tranquil atmosphere to your home and are a must have to achieve your minimalistic dream space.

3. MMvce

Mafalda's drawings and paintings showcase many striking female figures. These pieces are beautifully colour blocked in a selection of earth tones, overlaid with fine lines and patterns. Featuring a powerful African influence, Mafalda's work is inspired and empowering. These pieces will tell a story and spark emotion within whoever views it, giving a special energy to your home.

4. Michelle Fogarty

Michelle Fogarty's body of work is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. These oil on canvas still life paintings offer a labyrinth of colour and patterns that will keep your eye occupied. Carefully detailed with florals, fruit and elaborate table cloths, you will give your guests something to contemplate. These pieces are nostalgic of an afternoon in the sun and inspire you from within.  


5. Kate Owen

Every home needs at least one big and bright abstract artwork to elevate the space and lift the mood, and Kate Owen's pieces do exactly that. Created with acrylic on canvas and beautifully framed in natural timber, these pieces offer that pop of colour you were looking for. Kate's designs can be a great inspiration to create a diverse colour palette throughout a home or give life to those clean white walls. Lose yourself in the complexity of layers and colours and make your walls sing.