Festive Table Decor


hosting Christmas

3 december 2020

feeling festive

The holidays are waiting for us just around the corner, full of food, drinks and catching up with loved ones. There's no doubt that we'll all be throwing plenty of dinner parties this season, mostly because we can't think of a good reason not to. So, ditch the dusty tinsel and old pine cones because here are ten of our favourite pieces to help create that festive atmosphere while hosting this Christmas.

1. Unique vase

Choose a unique vase as a starting point to create the theme or colour scheme for your dinner party. You can use this as a vessel to host a beautiful floral arrangement that will act as the centrepiece for your dining table. Fresh flowers or foliage are an easy way to brighten up your living room and make your guests feel special.

2. cake stand 

You can use a cake stand as an accessory to show off your sweets that you have created for your guests. Make a cake the day before or buy an assortment of small pastries so that you don't have to worry about preparing anything when your guests arrive, this way they can help themselves throughout the night.

3. scented candle

Create that Christmas atmosphere with a Jo Malone roast chestnut home candle. This will spark the senses of your company as soon as they walk into your home, which will add that extra layer of ambiance to your dinner party. 

4. nutcracker

Out of all the Christmas decorations around, we think that this one is the cutest. These wooden nutcracker figurines come in all different sizes and characters depending on what kind of display you would like to create. Featuring soldiers, musicians or our personal favourite, the king. Traditionally they symbolise good luck and serve as the protector of the home. 

5. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a staple for the garden at Christmas time, if not all year round. A simple string of fairy lights can create a beautiful setting anywhere. Instead of the multi-coloured or bright white bulbs, we suggest the warmer toned lights to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

6. goblet glasses

These gold rim goblet glasses are a nice feature for your festivities to add that old world charm. Pair them with the water glasses to create a spread for your dining table.

7. gold cutlery set

Keeping with our gold theme, this cutlery set is something different to help mark the occasion. If you don't like gold, choose another colour or feature for your dinner party that echoes throughout as a constant theme. 

8. serving platter

Every celebration needs a decent grazing plate, if it comes with handles, that's even better. Create your picture perfect platter complete with meats, cheeses, dips and fruits. It's accessible for your guests and easy to eat in between intriguing conversation.

9. Alphabet Coasters

Never get your drinks mixed up again with these super cute alphabet coasters. Each of your guests can have their own initial coaster to avoid any confusion as your party progresses throughout the night.

10. after dinner quiz

Keep your company entertained after your feast with a quick fire quiz. Ridley's games Room has a great selection of games featuring general knowledge questions about your favourite topics. This is always a fun way to spend the holidays with friends and family, which always ends with some serious belly laughs.