Image by Dim Hou



26 JULY 2021


Designing and styling your home can be a big task and is often something that is completed over a long period time as everyone wants to curate that perfect space that they can call their own. With an abundance of options to choose from in the way of decorating and landscaping, it can be overwhelming to know how to create a cohesive ambience that continues throughout the home. That's why we are featuring five prevalent interior design styles with the appropriate landscaping to match, to make all your garden dreams come true!


Your Hamptons inspired home may be a Queenslander that has undergone some extensive renovations or a home that has it's style well established. Either way, it takes a lot of work to create such a specific design style, completed with all of the furnishings and finishing touches. These properties are often large homes with a generous backyard to match, this may include a large pool and pool house as the centre of your garden. Compliment this space with tall, well kept hedges. Buxus is very popular within this style as it has small, deep green, waxy foliage that is easy to manipulate into the shape you like. Another key feature for your Hamptons hideaway is a lush, broad leafed lawn. Buffalo turf will give you this effect and it's more resilient than other species of grass as it's drought, heat and cold resistant. Stay true to your theme with a selection of roses, hydrangeas and orchids. Keep these key elements in mind when styling your garden: clean lines, symmetry, evergreen plants, blue, white and grey colour palette and simple styling.


As industrial style properties are often inner city lofts or converted warehouses in built up areas, there may not be much room for a backyard or garden. You can, however, incorporate greenery in your home within this design style by creating a vertical garden or interior green wall. Try string of pearls, donkey's tail and baby's necklace for some beautiful trailing succulents, devils ivy and dichondra falls are some other nice options to add a different colour without being overbearing. For potted plants you can incorporate a burgundy rubber tree or a fiddle-leaf fig, otherwise create a terrarium in an interesting vessel such as an apothecary jar. You can also establish an urban herb garden on your rooftop or perched on your windowsills complete with your kitchen favourites. Things to remember: try to avoid bright colours and flowers, don't clutter your space with too many plants, keep it minimal and intentional.


This interior design aesthetic promotes functionality above all else, which is maintained when creating the perfect mid-century modern outdoor space. These gardens were designed as a tranquil space to spend time in and seen as an extension of the home. This features glass panelling or doors as a seamless way to create a flow from indoor to outdoor living. As a continuation of the interior design style, MCM backyards promote a good use of space and always have distinct and uncomplicated areas for seating, cooking and dining. Keep your selection of plants low maintenance by using a range of succulents and cacti. Incorporate snake plant and monstera to characterise the style and use gravel or white stones to surround individual plants or arrangements. Ensure that you keep your garden uncluttered and defined so that each area or plant has the space to highlight it's qualities. Things to remember: simple forms, organic materials and natural colour palette, don't overcrowd the area and display restraint for visual reprieve.


It is possible to create a coastal escape in the middle of the city with white walls, wooden floor boards and bright open spaces. This style highlights a backyard that features a big deck, pool, barbecue, outdoor kitchen, fire pit and a large entertaining area that is often the heart of the home. Palms, banana plants, xanadu, agave and bird of paradise will instantly create that calm, coastal feel. Add a large frangipani tree to provide shade in your backyard or plant some cycads in intricate pots to create a point of interest. Water features, outdoor showers, hanging sofas and stone mosaics will contribute to this style. Avoid harsh lines when designing your garden's layout, try to create a natural flow in the garden that includes open spaces and also intimate nooks and seating areas where you can retreat. Things to remember: full, lush foliage, use of gravel and rocks, earth tones, natural materials and large cushions when choosing furniture.


If this description rings true to your style of home; congratulations, we are very jealous of you! This may be a grand home complete with Romeo and Juliet balconettes, a terracotta roof, stone walls and a baroque style courtyard, or a simple rendered exterior complete with archways throughout. Use trailing ivy or bougainvillea to scale the side of your home for an authentic mediteranian feel. Cypress trees are typical to this style of home and are often used to line long driveways or frame your entryway. The use of large rustic stones for garden walls or as pathways is iconic, plant mondo grass in between large stepping stones or driveway pavers to add greenery. Plant lemon or olive trees in large terracotta pots as a focal point and add a pizza oven or a spit to continue with your theme. Things to remember: use external walls as a backdrop for your creation, terracotta pots are a must, use bright and colourful flowers, choose modest outdoor furniture.