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29 october 2020

the power of systems

Everyone wants to live in a tidy home but when faced with the thought of organisation they often feel overwhelmed. When taking on big tasks it is important not to look at the problem as a whole but break it down into small steps. That's why we are sharing 8 daily habits used by people who always have a well-kept home, ensuring your home is looking clean and tidy in between your regular cleans with each task taking no longer than five minutes.

1. give everything a place

Every item in your home lives somewhere; clothes in a cupboard, utensils in a drawer, makeup in a bag, etcetera. The simplest and most uncomplicated tip we can give you about keeping a tidy home is this; as soon as you use something, put it back where it belongs. It will only take a few seconds while you are finishing what you are doing, you will save yourself hours from tidying up the whole house at once and trying to process multiple items. This practice comes in handy while cooking, playing with toys or working in the office. It will undoubtedly be less stressful and can even be a therapeutic practice when completing tasks.

2. make the bed every morning 

This is the number one piece of advice you will get from any motivational or self-help expert to act as a catalyst to change your life. Why? Because everything they say about making the bed in the morning is true. Starting the day by making the bed will only take you about two minutes, but it means that you will start your day with a sense of accomplishment. It will get you motivated and promote productivity, which will set the tone for the rest of the day. Not to mention, it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to keep a bedroom looking clean and tidy.

3. process clothes quickly

When it comes to doing laundry it is important to think ahead about a moment or a particular day when you know you will have the time to process a load of washing from start to finish. If you break it down and do one load of washing per day it will become less overwhelming. Avoid laundry baskets full of clothes lying around the house, as it looks messy. Fold and put the clothes away promptly, that way it is done and you can cross it off your to-do list. In addition, make sure each bathroom has a dirty clothes basket with a lid, this way all clothes have a place at all times.

4. wash dishes immediately

Like everything in this article, if you process dishes immediately after using them it will be less of a drag. It is best to simply get it over and done with, also because the longer you leave dishes sitting around, the harder they will be to clean. While cooking or doing meal prep, stack the dishwasher or hand wash dishes as you go and put ingredients away once you have finished using them. By the time your meal is ready you will only have a few dishes to process after you have finished eating. It is not worth putting it off for so long when the job itself will only take you a few minutes.

5. wipe down surfaces

A natural digression from our previous point, once you are done in the kitchen, take an extra 30 seconds to wipe down the bench tops. You can do the same in the bathroom after applying makeup or shaving. It will keep everything looking orderly in between regular cleans and is a good way to keep on top of everything, this way it will never get our of hand.

6. get a cordless vacuum

In addition to your main vacuum, it is a good idea to buy a cordless vacuum for day to day use. Keep it in a central part of the house like the kitchen or laundry, that way you can do a quick spot vacuum when you need to. Whether it's cleaning up after pets or kids, or keeping on top of the crumbs in the kitchen. It is a quick and easy way to keep your floors in good condition.

7. clean out fridge 

When coming home with your grocery shopping, take five minutes to have a look what's inside your fridge. Get rid of any expired or spoiled food and give the shelves a quick wipe down before you pack your new items away. Put any older items to the front of the fridge to be used first. This system will minimise food waste, keep your fridge more organised and warrant less encounters with decomposing fruit. If done regularly, cleaning out the fridge won't be such a big job.

8. carry reusable bags

A lot of families do their grocery shopping every day, if not, a few times a week, which requires a lot of shopping bags. You may be wondering what this has to do with anything, well, all of those plastic bags end up in multiple different drawers and cupboards around the house. They take up a lot of space and are hard to store neatly. We all think that we will end up using them for something but unfortunately they just accumulate. Keep a few reusable bags in the boot of your car at all times so that you don't have to remember them each time you go to the shops. Keep a compact foldable bag in your handbag just in case, that way you will never forget your bags again!